Welcome To Our Reliable ATTPL Consultancy

Founded in 2010, ATTPL Consultancy is a subsidary of ATTPL Group which is a provider of Political, Legal and Corporate consultancy services. We are dedicated to Political, Corporate and Legal Services to its domestic and international clients, which include individual, multinational, public and private companies and other corporate entities.

Besides the above, the firm has a dedicated team of other professionals including company secretaries, chartered accountants, Trade Mark Attorneys & Corporate Consultants etc with the specific industry expertise and also work in collaboration with many renowned Consultancy Firms across the Country so that we can provide comprehensive legal services to our client under any area of law and before any court of Law etc.

Political Consultancy

We help you to understand what’s driving an issue, the key players, and how they can be swayed. We advise clients on their outreach strategies; or we deliver a multi-layered political campaign on your behalf, drawing together direct advocacy at all levels, media and data polling work, and building broad coalitions of stakeholders. Political consultants/strategists play a key role in helping the leaders win the heart of millions.

Corporate Legal Services

Corporate legal services provided by our well-experienced corporate lawyers and other legal professionals are broadly classified into this category. The list of our regular and loyal clients has been protracting constantly and includes small and big companies, corporations, multinational conglomerates, business organizations, entrepreneurs, industrialists, business managers, industrial financers and so on.

Legal Consultancy

We have great business lawyer who could assist you in almost every aspect of your business, from basic compliance and copyright and trademark advice to formal business incorporation and lawsuits and liability? Fulfill your legal requirements for your business, anytime and anywhere. We have a robust network of lawyers from 100+ regions covering 76 countries, who can facilitate ease of doing business in any part of the world.

Our team believes that in the context of the present world economic order, the legal profession plays a valuable and constructive role than ever before. The changes in the economic climate in the world especially in India have brought about a change in the traditional role of the lawyer. Today, the role of lawyers is not limited to defending the rights of their clients but to also ensure that litigation is minimized. Today, there are more lawyers engaged in international business and finance procedures than ever before. The need for specialist services has emerged and is especially needed in addressing complex issues of international trade and international corporate matters especially with growth in e-commerce. Thus our team of lawyers strives for legal excellence as well as appreciates the commercial and corporate environment in which its clients operate.

WE have special team of lawyers/advocates who operates exclusively in litigation at various stages from the institution of case, its pleadings, evidences, investigation, trial, revision, appellate etc. under any area of laws viz. Civil Laws, Matrimonial Laws, Criminal Laws, Corporate Laws, Cyber Laws, Media and Telecommunication Laws, IPR, banking laws, consumer laws, Divorce laws, Matrimonial Laws, Custody of Child cases, Maintenance and Alimony cases etc.


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